Journal for the Study of Radicalism 10, no. 1 cover
Journal for the Study of Radicalism 10, no. 1
Edited by Arthur Versluis

Editor's Introduction

Andrew Lyndon Knighton, “'The Life of a Dangerous Time': Thomas McGrath and the Potential of Poetry"
Jeeshan Gazi, "Pynchon’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: Vineland, Film, and the Tragedy of the American Activism of the 1960s"
Sean Cashbaugh, "A Paradoxical, Discrepant, and Mutant Marxism: Imagining a Radical Science Fiction in the American Popular Front"
Babacar M’Baye, "The Trickster in Ishmael Reed’s Dualistic Representations of Black Radicalism and Nationalism in Mumbo Jumbo"

Arthur Versluis, "A Conversation About Radicalism in Contemporary Greece"

Book Reviews
Michael J. Turner, Liberty and Liberticide: The Role of America in Nineteenth-Century British Radicalism, reviewed by Barbara Ellen Logan
Robert Justin Goldstein, ed., Little “Red Scares”: Anti-Communism and Political Repression in the United States, 1921–1946, reviewed by Stephen Nepa
Leilah Danielson, American Gandhi: A. J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century, reviewed by Roger Chapman
Darius V. Echeverría, Aztlán Arizona: Mexican American Educational Empowerment, 1968–1978, reviewed by Eddie Bonilla
Roger N. Buckley and Tamara Roberts, eds., Yellow Power, Yellow Soul: The Radical Art of Fred Ho, reviewed by James A. Wren
Jeffrey S. Juris and Alex Khasnabish, eds., Insurgent Encounters: Transnational Activism, Ethnography, and the Political, reviewed by Alexander I. Stingl
Publication Date: June 15th, 2018
190 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Arthur Versluis is Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Michigan State University. He is author of numerous books, including Magic and Mysticism, The New Inquisitions, Restoring Paradise, The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance, WisdomÆs Children, and American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions. He has published articles on topics ranging from comparative federalism to Christian esotericism. Editor of the journal Esoterica, he is also co-editor of JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism.