French Colonial History 17 cover
French Colonial History 17
Edited by Kenneth J. Orosz

Kenneth J. Orosz, "Preface"
Alice Bairoch de Sainte-Marie, "Loi, nationalité et mariages mixtes entre Français et autochtones: Le cas de l’arrêt du Conseil supérieur de la Louisiane du 18 décembre 1728"
Robert Englebert, "The Legacy of New France: Law and Social Cohesion between Quebec and the Illinois Country, 1763–1790"
Bonnie Stepenoff, "The Real 'Maid of Saint Phillippe': Kate Chopin’s French Colonial Heritage"
Dannelle Gutarra, "The Discourses of Sonthonax’s Mission in Saint-Domingue: The Coda to the Abolition of Slavery"
Phi Vân Nguyen, "The Vietnamization of Personalism: The Role of Missionaries in the Spread of Personalism in Vietnam, 1930–1961"

Subjects: History
Publication Date: June 14th, 2018
142 pages| 6 in x 9 in
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