Contagion 22 cover
Contagion 22
Edited by William A. Johnsen

From the Editor

René Girard, "Rupture and Literary Creation in Jean-Paul Sartre [1968]"

Andrew McKenna, "Girard and Derrida: Philosophy for Laughs"

Jeremiah L. Alberg, "Mimesis as Scandal: Rousseau and Derrida"

Iwona Janicka, "Queering Girard—De-Freuding Butler: A Theoretical Encounter between Judith Butler’s Gender Performativity and René Girard’s Mimetic Theory"

António Machuco Rosa, "Spencer-Brown, Peirce, Girard, and the Origin of Logic"

Mathias Moosbrugger, "The Future of (Post-)Modernity—Silver Linings or Heart of Darkness?: René Girard’s Apocalyptic Thinking Revisited"

Emanuele Antonelli, "Little Red Riding Hood: Victimage in Folktales and Cinema—A Case Study"

Scott Cowdell, "Sport and the Sacred Victim: René Girard and the Death of Phillip Hughes"

Tadd Ruetenik, "Violence, Sacrifice, and Flesh Eating in Judeo-Christian Tradition"

Nidesh Lawtoo, "Dueling to the End/Ending “The Duel”: Girard avec Conrad"

Markus Wierschem, “'Some witless paraclete beleaguered with all limbo’s clamor': On Violent Contagion and Apocalyptic Logic in Cormac McCarthy’s Outer Dark"

Peter John Barber, "The Role of the Androgyne in the Biblical Subversion of the Mytho-Sacrificial World: Exploring the Early Messianic Lineage as a Series of New Adams"

Dom Elias Carr, "Raymund Schwager, SJ, in Fourvière and Fribourg"

Subjects: Philosophy
Publication Date: June 15th, 2018
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