Journal of West African History 4, no. 1 cover
Journal of West African History 4, no. 1
Edited by Nwando Achebe

Editor's Introduction
Nwando Achebe, “Azubuike—The Past Is Our Strength”

Alessandra Brivio, “Gorovodu: The Genesis of a ‘Hausa Vodun’”
Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch, “Women’s International Alliances in an Emergent Ghana”
Jan Jansen, Graeme Counsel, and Brahima Camara, “Sex, Drugs, and Female Agency: Why Siramori Diabaté’s Song ‘Nanyuman’ Was Such a Success in Mali and Guinea”
Jennifer Lofkrantz, “Intellectual Traditions, Education, and Jihad: The (Non)Parallels between the Sokoto and Boko Haram Jihads”
Tamba E. M’bayo, “Ebola, Poverty, Economic Inequity and Social Injustice in Sierra Leone”

Book Reviews
John N. Oriji, Political Organization in Nigeria since the Late Stone Age: A History of the Igbo People, reviewed by Ndubueze L. Mbah
Mary Kingsley, Travels in West Africa, reviewed by David Amponsah
Kwame Essien, Brazilian-African Diaspora in Ghana: The Tabom, Slavery, Dissonance of Memory, Identity, and Locating Home, reviewed by Juan Diego Díaz
Subjects: History | African Studies
Publication Date: June 10th, 2018
150 pages| 6 in x 9 in