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R. Vincent Moniz, Jr., records the life and times of a mostly uneducated, economically disadvantaged, literary award-winning urban Indian. Much of his work reflects the people and stories from a neighborhood with the moniker Cockroach while simultaneously depicting contemporary issues of Native America. Poems in this collection are filled with a dreaded fire of wit and cynicism given to him by the Oglala and NuuÉtaare peoples who helped to raise him. With a great deal of bathos, he glides and slides seamlessly from silly to sorrow without effort. His formidable verse irradiates and acknowledges the lives of an in-between people who are too urban for the reservation and too indigenous for American culture, while he himself navigates multitudes, including his place within nerd/pop culture, which widens the scope of his writing. This collection mirrors a subculture that is being either hustled or altogether overlooked, and does so honestly without filter or worry. Moniz’s poetic genetics are a blend of orators that came before him and a new wave of emerging Indigenous American voices. The reader can see these narratives twist and turn to the heartbeat he writes them in.
Subjects: Poetry
Series: Makwa Enewed
Publication Date: July 1st, 2018
152 pages| 6 in x 9 in
R. VINCENT MONIZ, JR., NuuÉtaare tribal member and enrolled citizen of the Three Affiliated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, is 2013 Beyond the Pure Fellow, 2014 Verve Fellow, 2015 Loft Literary Center Spoken Word Immersion Fellow, Minnesota Emerging Writers' Grantee, 2016 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grantee, and current and reigning Individual World Poetry Slam Indigenous Slam Champion.  

Early Praise

“America is grotesque. Some of these poems yell at the United States as they search for home; others, like their author, seek home that isn’t real estate. Redoubted cuddles the United States then whispers in our ear, but it won’t ask for land, because it knows it never belonged to anyone.”
J. Otis Powell‽, author of THEOLOGY: Love and Revolution and My Tongue Has No Bone
“A poem is wanting what no one will give you.” Moniz is a poet who knows that those of us who are imperfect and forgotten and leaking are the ones who need poems the most. Here is a wizard of shifting alignment, an astronaut moonwalking on Franklin Avenue, a bruised storyteller who glued his own hands back together to tell you the secrets that live under highway bridges.”
Bao Phi, author of Thousand Star Hotel

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