French Colonial History 15 cover
French Colonial History 15
Edited by Kenneth J. Orosz

Preface | Jeremy Rich

A Conflicted Sense of Nationality: Napoleon III’s Arab Kingdom and the Paradoxes of French Multiculturalism | Gavin Murray-Miller

Social Networks and Empire: Senegalese Students in France in the Late Nineteenth Century | Kelly Duke Bryant

The Mise en Valeur of the Gold Mines in the Haut-Niger, 1918–1939 | Sabine Luning, Jan Jansen, and Cristiana Panella

Belgium, the Congo, and Imperial Immobility: A Singular Empire and the Historiography of the Single Analytic Field | Matthew G. Stanard

The Missionary Réductions in New France: An Epistemological Problem with a Popular Historical Theory | Takao Abé

L’ordre public: Sully Brunet et les contradictions de la justice et de la politique dans l’Affaire Furcy (Ile Bourbon, 1817–1818) | Jérémy Boutie
Subjects: History
Publication Date: June 15th, 2018
172 pages| 6 in x 9 in
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ISBN: 9781684300174

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