CR: The New Centennial Review 15, no. 1 cover
CR: The New Centennial Review 15, no. 1

Editors’ Note

Special Section: Derrida and French Hegelianism
Rodolphe Gasché, "One Coming before the Other?: On Jean Wahl and Jacques Derrida"

Juan Manuel Garrido, "The Dialecticity of Mathematical Concepts and the Problem of the Origin of Geometry: Cavaillès avec Derrida"

Peter Gratton, "The Spirit of the Time: Derrida’s Reading of Hegel in the 1964–65 Lecture Course"

Mauro Senatore, "Of Seminal Differance: Dissemination and Philosophy of Nature"

Francesco Vitale, "Life Death and Differance: Philosophies of Life between Hegel and Derrida"

Francis Guibal, "Lévinas after Hegel: An Other Philosophy of Spirit?"

L Felipe Alarcón, "Restless Negativity: Blanchot’s Hegelianism"

María Victoria Londoño-Becerra, "The Question of the Other in the Dialectics of Time: The Problem of Intersubjectivity in Derrida’s Reading of Husserl"

Andrea Potestà, "When Negativity Runs the Risk of Meaning: Hegelian Heritages in Bataille and Derrida"

Roberto Saldías, "Derrida and Post-Hegelian Kantianism in Eric Weil: Impossibility and Possibility of Dialogue"

Calvin L. Warren, "Black Nihilism and the Politics of Hope"
Publication Date: April 20th, 2018
260 pages