Service-Learning as a New Paradigm in Higher Education of China cover
Service-Learning as a New Paradigm in Higher Education of China
The first reference book to introduce the concept and development of service-learning in China, Service-Learning as a New Paradigm in Higher Education of China provides a full picture of the infusion of service-learning into the Chinese educational system and describes this new teaching experience using case studies, empirical data, and educational and institutional policies within Chinese context. The text demonstrates how students learn outside the classroom through service-learning with valuable feedback and reflection from faculty members and fellow students about the meaning of education in China. Though service-learning was initially developed in the United States, the concept is rooted in Chinese literatures and values. This book will help readers understand how service-learning is being used as a pedagogy with Chinese values and philosophy in Chinese education, filling a niche within the worldwide literature of service-learning.
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
198 pages| 7 in x 10 in
CAROL MA HOK-KA is one of the founders of the Office of Service-Learning at Lingnan University in Hong Kong and a Senior Lecturer of Common Curriculum and Senior Fellow of Service-Learning at Singapore University of Social Sciences.  

ALFRED CHAN CHEUNG-MING is Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong and was the Chair Professor in Social Gerontology at Lingnan University.  

ALICE LIU CHENG was the Service-Learning Visiting Tutor at the Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University.

FANNY MAK MUI-FONG is a Senior Project Officer at the Office of Service-Learning at Lingnan University.

Early Praise

“Carol MA Hok-Ka and her colleagues from Chinese universities illustrate how service-learning, informed by Confucian philosophy and Chinese cultural values, has created a new paradigm for Chinese higher education. Exemplary service-learning programs involving students in the social, behavioral, communication, and health sciences; philosophy and humanities; education; finance; and tourism management are described. The rapid emergence of professional service-learning associations in Southeast Asia affirms that the concept of the T-shaped student is gaining global perspective within diverse cultural contexts. The volume is a must-read for individuals interested in and engaged with the growing intersection of Western and Eastern approaches to higher education.”
Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Michigan State University

“MA, CHAN, LIU, and MAK provide us with a remarkable entry into the evolving theory and practice of service-learning in China. Linking Dewey and Confucius, they show how China is both extending and innovating our understanding of service learning. Remarkable.”
Budd L. Hall, Professor of Community Development and Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, University of Victoria, Canada

“Service-learning has been developing rapidly in the higher education sector in Asia in general and China in particular. This book is a significant addition to the existing literature. It contains not only refined basic concepts and some new disciplinary perspectives but also many most interesting, innovative, and enlightening case studies on service-learning programs in China.”
Edward K. Y. Chen, Chairman of Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education, and former President, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

“This is an excellent chronicle of the development of global service-learning and is a must-read challenge to the idea that service-learning is exclusively a Western pedagogy. The editors are not only chroniclers but also key actors in the expansion of service-learning in China, who write with the authority of being part of this expansion. With enthusiasm they present a nice blend of local campus case studies, empirical data, philosophy, and policy. The translation and explanation of foundational Confucian Chinese concepts is so helpful, especially for a Western reader.”
Dwight E. Giles Jr., Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, University of Massachusetts Boston

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