Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes cover
Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes
Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes is an account of Paolo Diego Bubbio’s twenty-year intellectual journey through the twists and turns of Girard’s mimetic theory. The author analyzes philosophy and religion as “enemy sisters” engaged in an endless competitive struggle and identifies the intellectual space where this rivalry can either be perpetuated or come to a paradoxical resolution. He goes on to explore topics ranging from arguments for the existence of God to mimetic theory’s post-Kantian legacy, political implications, and capacity for identifying epochal phenomena, such as the crisis of the self, in popular culture. Bubbio concludes by advocating for an encounter between mimetic theory and contemporary philosophical hermeneutics—an encounter in which each approach benefits and is enriched by the resources of the other. The volume features a previously unpublished letter by René Girard on the relationship between philosophy and religion.
Subjects: Philosophy | Religion
Publication Date: January 1st, 2018
244 pages| 6 in x 9 in
PAOLO DIEGO BUBBIO is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Western Sydney University. The winner of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship, he has been researching and writing about mimetic theory for twenty years. He is the author of Sacrifice in the Post-Kantian Tradition: Perspectivism, Intersubjectivity, and Recognition and God and the Self in Hegel: Beyond Subjectivism.  

Early Praise

Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes is an excellent piece of historical and critical research. Bubbio’s book travels far and wide down many paths, and exemplarily shows the violent struggle between a metaphysical philosophy and a metaphysical religion in the history of Western thought. Bubbio’s project of a “hermeneutic mimetic theory” is intriguing and very promising. Intellectual Sacrifice and Other Mimetic Paradoxes is one of the best works on mimetic theory that I have ever read.”
Gianni Vattimo, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Turin, Italy, author of Belief and Weak Thought, and coauthor (with René Girard) of Christianity, Truth, and Weak Faith

“In this penetrating and original book, Diego Bubbio inquires into what we have lost intellectually in the conflict that has for centuries opposed religion and philosophy. The intellectual sacrifice is the price in intelligence and knowledge we have been too ready to pay to continue the rivalry of these mimetic doubles, and Bubbio explores how Girard’s thought can help us move away from this futile opposition.”
Paul Dumouchel, Professor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, and author of The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays and The Barren Sacrifice

 “This is an exciting book because it is what it theorizes about: a labor of interpretative inquiry. The theory implies and the book documents a personal journey. It allows the reader to read the author’s development from the perspective of its revealing end.”
Jeremiah Alberg, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, International Christian University, President of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, and author of Beneath the Veil of the Strange Verses: Reading Scandalous Texts

 “This is an important book by an outstanding scholar. Bubbio continues to develop his own account of mimetic theory in serious dialogue with philosophical traditions that are often considered alien—and ostensibly inimical—to it. English-speaking readers are only now discovering what Italian-speaking ones discovered some time ago: Diego Bubbio is an important philosophical voice.”
Chris Fleming, Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University

“The “mimetic theory” of cultural analysis has flowered into an established body of scholarship across the humanities and beyond. Diego Bubbio acknowledges a warm personal debt to René Girard, but goes beyond Girard in demonstrating the insights embedded in contemporary philosophy of religion. Girard has from the outset invited and provoked those who “come after” him to think on a grand and generous scale. Bubbio meets this challenge superbly.”
Michael Kirwan SJ, Director, Heythrop Institute for Religion and Society, Heythrop College, London

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