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Fire Point
At nineteen, Hannah LeClaire already has a reputation in the village of Whitefish Harbor, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She is given to solitary walks along the shore of Lake Superior, and on a cold April day she meets Martin Reed, who has just moved north from Chicago to renovate a dilapidated house he has inherited. Hannah immediately realizes that Martin, who is ten years her senior, is also an outcast and quite unlike anyone she has ever met.
A story of love, vengeance, and renewal, Fire Point depicts the young couple’s attempt to rebuild their lives. But when Hannah’s former boyfriend Sean Colby returns home after a mysterious early discharge from the army, he cannot accept the fact that she has a new lover and commits a series of increasingly violent acts against Hannah, Martin, and the house that has come to represent their future.
Subjects: Fiction
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
268 pages| 6 in x 9 in
John Smolens has published ten works of fiction, most recently Wolf's Mouth, which has been selected as a Library of Michigan Notable Book. In 2010 he was the recipient of the Michigan Author of the Year Award from the Michigan Library Association.

Early Praise

“Fire Point put my teeth on edge from the first page and kept them there until I finished. Smolens is a fine writer with a profound knowledge of human behavior gone awry.”
Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the Fall

“A sensitively observed, mesmerizing novel that builds in fury as inexorably and stunningly as a Lake Superior storm.”
Publishers’ Weekly (Starred Review)
“A superlative job of rendering a place and its people realistically. He has crafted a thriller that is as literate and insightful into human nature as any novel out this year.”
Denver Post
“In a quiet, assured fashion, Smolens sets up a series of inevitable confrontations that don't usually turn out the way one would expect--just like in real life.”
“Fire Point argues for the heated view, where envy can immolate someone from the inside out—and then storm out to burn down everything in its path.”
Detroit Free Press (Selected as the Michigan Novel of the Year)

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