Ink Trails II cover
Ink Trails II
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors
From authors of bodice rippers and gallant figures to hometown poetry, hearty men, and tales of American originals, the history of literature in Michigan is deep and rich. The Wolverine State has been the birthplace, home, and inspiration to a tremendous number of men and women of letters, both the well-known and the obscure. Ink Trails II tells the stories of these fascinating and diverse writers whose talent is inextricably linked to Michigan.
Exploring the hidden treasures of otherwise forgotten authors while also acknowledging the Michigan-set stories of giants like Hemingway, Dave and Jack Dempsey delve into the state’s literary heritage, as robust, diverse, and inexhaustible as the natural beauty of the place that nurtured it. This second volume of “ink trails” continues to tell the story of the remarkable writers, powerful words, and sublime nature of Michigan in the same well-researched and entertaining prose as the first.
Publication Date: March 1st, 2016
150 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Dave Dempsey is the author and coauthor of eight nonfiction books and was named Michigan Author of the Year by the Michigan Library Association and the Michigan Center for the Book in 2009.

Early Praise

“The Dempsey brothers have done readers a service with this collection of colorful portraits of Michigan authors—those who are world-renowned and especially those who have been undeservedly forgotten. I look forward to exploring the works of a number of writers with whom I was not familiar until I read this delightful book.”
Jerry Dennis, author of A Walk in the Animal Kingdom and The Living Great Lakes


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