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Malaria, Poems
Malaria kills nearly one million people each year. Hundreds of millions more are sickened by the disease, and many of them are permanently disabled. Billions are spent each year to understand it. Researchers know the molecular details of the interaction between the mosquito and our own red blood cells, and the myriad ways in which malaria impacts the global economy and the advancement of humanity. But what of the public? Though its story is told in thousands of articles and in hundreds of books, many in the developed world are unaware of how prevalent malaria still is. Malaria, Poems testifies to the importance of bridging the chasm between science and art. It adds thread to a tattered and tragic global narrative; it is poetry’s attempt to reawaken care in a cold case that keeps killing. According to Cicero the aim of the orator is threefold: to teach, to delight, and to move. Poets during the renaissance embraced this idea, and Malaria, Poems reinvigorates it. Allen Ginsberg called for a poetry of social consciousness, a “bare knuckle warrior poetics.” Cameron Conaway, a former MMA fighter, offers Malaria, Poems both as a response to Ginsberg’s call and as a new call to contemporary poetry.
Subjects: Poetry | Health | African Studies
Publication Date: November 1st, 2014
80 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Cameron Conaway served as a United Nations Foundation Social Good Fellow. He is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. Conaway’s work has appeared in The Guardian,, Rattle, and The Huffington Post.

Early Praise

"These are poems that nestle in the space between insect and skin—mosquito and mankind—and so sing the simultaneously beautiful and destructive qualities of both."
Dorianne Laux, two-time finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award
"These poems are necessary and as poems in the right time and place must be read to understand yet another side of medicine that revolves—sometimes healing, most of the time corrupt and sinister."
Jimmy Santiago Baca, Winner of the American Book Award

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