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That Guy Wolf Dancing
From one of the writers of the twentieth-century Native American Literary Renaissance comes a remarkable tale about how to acknowledge the past and take a chance on the future. Rooted in tribal-world consciousness, That Guy Wolf Dancing is the story of a young tribal wolf-man becoming a part of his not-sonatural world of non-tribal people. Twenty-something Philip Big Pipe disappears from an unsettled life he can hardly tolerate and ends up in an off-reservation town. When he leaves, he doesn’t tell anyone where he is going or what his plans, if he has any, might be. Having never taken himself too seriously, he now faces a world that feels very foreign to him. As he struggles to adapt to the modern universe, Philip, ever a “wolf dancer,” must improvise, this time to a sound others provide for him. Like the wolf, Philip sometimes feels hunted, outrun, verging on extinction. Only by moving rhythmically in a dissident, dangerous, and iconic world can Philip Big Pipe let go of the past and craft a new future.
Publication Date: August 1st, 2014
130 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Early Praise

“Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, combines the brilliance and suspense of a life that becomes a complex web of historical realities, contemporary subjectivity, and spiritual-materialism."
Dr. Zia Meranto, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Creator and Director of the Native American Studies Program
“Known for her incisive critique of American colonial meddling in tribal life, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn turns here to fiction.  Fans of her essays will recognize her critical themes manifest in the lives of her characters.”
Susan Miller, co-editor of Native Historians Write Back: Decolonizing American Indian History
“Elizabeth Cook-Lynn's novella makes poignant observations on the interplay of life that are shocking and ironic yet with an undercurrent of humour. That Guy Wolf Dancing is an engaging progression in her Roads series.”
Blair Stonechild, Professor of Indigenous Studies, First Nations University of Canada

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