The Great Lake Sturgeon cover
The Great Lake Sturgeon
Edited by Nancy Auer, and Dave Dempsey
The first book of its kind to explore this magnificent creature, this collected volume captures many aspects of the remarkable Great Lakes sturgeon, from the mythical to the critically real. Lake sturgeon are sacred to some, impressive to many, and endangered in the Great Lakes. A fish whose ancestry reaches back millions of years and that can live over a century and grow to six feet or more, the Great Lakes lake sturgeon was once considered useless, then overfished nearly to extinction. Though the fish is slowly making a comeback thanks to the awareness-raising efforts of Native Americans, biologists, and sturgeon supporters, it remains to be seen if conservation and stewardship will continue to the degree this remarkable animal deserves. Blending history, biology, folklore, environmental science, and policy, this accessible book seeks to reach a broad audience and tell the story of the Great Lakes lake sturgeon in a manner as diverse as its subject.
Publication Date: June 1st, 2013
208 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Dave Dempsey is the author and coauthor of eight nonfiction books and was named Michigan Author of the Year by the Michigan Library Association and the Michigan Center for the Book in 2009.

Early Praise

"Few species in the Great Lakes generate more awe, excitement, and passion for rehabilitation than the lake sturgeon. Auer and Dempsey have assembled chapters that depict the majesty of this species, document its collapse, and provide the life history and scientific understanding requisite for successful rehabilitation. The Great Lake Sturgeon is both entertaining and an important reference for anyone concerned with the management and rehabilitation of lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes."
Chris Goddard, Executive Secretary, Great Lakes Fishery Commission
"The grandfather of Great Lakes fish is chronicled in this engaging book, which tracks the history, near disappearance, and heroic efforts underway to restore the Great Lakes sturgeon to glory. For millions of years, sturgeon thrived in the Lakes until overfishing and habitat loss nearly did them in. The Great Lake Sturgeon examines their survival through cultural, scientific, and spiritual lenses, providing vital context and important historical backdrop. Ultimately, the health of the sturgeon and the health of the Great Lakes are inextricably tied. The sturgeon are telling us something, and The Great Lake Sturgeon is the translator. We should listen."
Chris Kolb, President, Michigan Environmental Council


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