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Ink Trails
Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors

Long revered as the birthplace of many of the nation’s best-known authors, Michigan has also served as inspiration to countless others. In this entertaining and well-researched book—the first of its kind—the secrets, legends, and myths surrounding some of Michigan’s literary luminaries are explored. Which Michigan poet inspired a state law requiring teachers to assign at least one of his compositions to all students? Which young author emerged from the University of Michigan with a bestselling novel derided by some critics as “vulgar”? And from what Michigan city did Arthur Miller, Robert Frost, and Jane Kenyon draw vital inspiration? The answers to these questions and more are revealed in this rich literary history that highlights the diversity of those whose impact on letters has been indelible and distinctly Michiganian.

Publication Date: August 1st, 2012
200 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Dave Dempsey is the author and coauthor of eight nonfiction books and was named Michigan Author of the Year by the Michigan Library Association and the Michigan Center for the Book in 2009.

Early Praise

 “… a book that belongs on every Michigander’s shelf—after it has been devoured. I learned a great deal about several authors I’d long admired . . . and more about fascinating people I have yet to discover. If you are looking for a new literary adventurer, Ink Trails is the path for you.”
Jack Lessenberry, Senior Political Analyst, Michigan Radio.

“The Dempsey brothers’ Ink Trails takes you on an amazing ride on the back roads and highways of Michigan’s literary history, visiting eighteen authors where they lived and worked.”
Bill Castanier, editor of and literary writer, Lansing City Pulse.


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