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A Study of Everyday Meanings in Hispano New Mexico

Much knowledge and understanding can be generated from the experiences of everyday life. In this engaging study, Alvin O. Korte examines how this concept applies to Spanish-speaking peoples adapted to a particular locale, specifically the Hispanos and Hispanas of northern New Mexico. Drawing on social philosopher Alfred Schutz’s theory of typification, Korte looks at how meaning and identity are crafted by quotidian activities. Incorporating phenomenological and ethnomethodological strategies, the author investigates several aspects of local Hispano culture, including the oral tradition, leave-taking, death and remembrances of the dead, spirituality, and the circle of life. Although avoiding a social-problems approach, the book devotes necessary attention to mortificación (the death of the self), desmadre (chaos and disorder), and mancornando (cuckoldry). Nosotros is a vivid and insightful exploration with applications in numerous fields.

Subjects: Social Science
Publication Date: March 1st, 2012
384 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Alvin O. Korte is a retired professor. He facilitates a group of domestic violence off enders for Somos Familia: Family Institute Inc.

Early Praise

“Brilliant, original, provocative, and learned are just several of the words that come to mind to describe Nosotros, but even these words fall short. This superb phenomenological study of meaning structures of New Mexico's Hispanos is sure to become a classic.”
David W. Engstrom, coauthor of Hispanics in the United States and Our Diverse Society
“No one writes about the everyday world of the Northern New Mexico Hispanos with the keen insight of Alvin Korte. Nosotros steeps the reader into the fabric of the people’s own understandings of themselves, their friends, families, and ultimately their community social world at the same time that it gives us the tools for approaching phenomenological and existential life.”
Felipe Gonzales, Professor of Sociology and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of New Mexico
“Dr. Korte’s scholarly work demonstrates his incredible application of multiple methodologies to understand the creation of meaning in the everyday life of Hispano(a)s in Northern New Mexico. He applies his wide-ranging experiences of living, researching, teaching, and seeking to see and understand this people to present their family life, folklore, and lived experience.”
Katie McDonough, retired Professor of Social Work

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