Visualities cover
Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art
Edited by Denise K. Cummings
In recent years, works by American Indian artists and filmmakers such as Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Edgar Heap of Birds, Sherman Alexie, Shelley Niro, and Chris Eyre have illustrated the importance of visual culture as a means to mediate identity in contemporary Native America. This insightful collection of essays explores how identity is created and communicated through Native film-, video-, and art-making; what role these practices play in contemporary cultural revitalization; and how indigenous creators revisit media pasts and resignify dominant discourses through their work. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art draws on American Indian Studies, American Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, and Postcolonial Studies. Among the artists examined are Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Eric Gansworth, Melanie Printup Hope, Jolene Rickard, and George Longfish. Films analyzed include Imprint, It Starts with a Whisper, Mohawk Girls, Skins, The Business of Fancydancing, and a selection of Native Latin films.
Publication Date: June 1st, 2011
340 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Denise K. Cummings is Associate Professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies at Rollins College, where she teaches film history, theory, and criticism, critical media and cultural studies, and American and Indigenous literature, culture, and film.

Early Praise

"With film and filmmaking as an expression of their [Indigenous  peoples] on-going lives, insistent decolonization, and impassioned resistance, continuing Indigenous knowledge production is vibrantly articulated in Denise K. Cummings’ Visualities!"
Simon J. Ortiz, author of Out There Somewhere, From Sand Creek, and The Good Rainbow Road
"American Indian Studies has been waiting for a smart, wide-ranging, and provocative exploration of Indigenous self-representation in film, photography, painting, and other visual media.  With its emphasis on the complex, often ironic responses of contemporary visual artists to the pervasive image of the vanishing Indian, Visualities begins a fascinating conversation about how visual cultures intersect with assertions of active Native presence, the pursuit of Native aesthetic pleasure, and the realities of ongoing colonial power."
Chadwick Allen, Ohio State University
"…this collection brings together a range of divergent voices and styles that illuminate the profundity of Native American creative works too often overlooked by those with conventional and non-tribally specific methodologies. Its chapters are sure to spark conversation and debate about both well-known and lesser known film and arts. Scholars wishing to engage conversations on visuality and the social significance of indigenous visual culture will find this collection of essays to be a valuable resource."
Dr. Angelica Lawson, Assistant Professor of Native American Studies, University of Montana–Missoula

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