Nothing Like Sunshine cover
Nothing Like Sunshine
A Story in the Aftermath of the MLK Assassination

Rabbi Ben Kamin has written a definitive personal expression about race, coming of age in the 1960s, a forbidden friendship, and his personal love for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is a story that spans a four-decade search for a lost high school chum, a deep misunderstanding, and a coming to terms with an America painfully evolving from the blood of MLK to the promise of Barack Obama.
     The book is a remembrance of Kamin's life at Cincinnati's notorious Woodward High School, a microcosm of the 1960s and of America itself, as well as detailing Kamin's search-for Clifton, for America, for the key to understanding what race relations really are in the United States. Simultaneously, it is the story of the emerging rabbi's search for the legacy of his spiritual mentor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., taking Kamin from Cincinnati to Cleveland to Memphis to New Orleans and other points, and constantly bringing him home to his friend Clifton and "the heaving hallways" of that high school.

Publication Date: February 24th, 2010
138 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Ben Kamin is a nationally known clergyman, teacher, counselor, and author of eight books on human values, civil rights, and spirituality.

Early Praise

"Ben Kamin has been an unremitting voice of white compassion for the racial story of this nation all
of his adult life. I have stood with him in discussions and debates, some of which were costly to his
professional life, over decades. He remains unwavering in his commitment to social justice and the
legacy of Dr. King. This is a fine coming-of-age story of two high school boys who defined the racial
crisis of the 1960s."
---Louis Stokes, Member of Congress (Retired), Former Chairman, Congressional Black Caucus

"Ben Kamin’s relevant and timely book brings to life the racial tensions of his high school in the days
before and following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His journey to Memphis forty years
later is one of discovery and redemption—this is a poignant narrative and a must-read."
---Robert Kline, President and CEO, Enduring Freedom Productions, former Senior Vice President
of 20th Century Fox, and co-founder of Lifetime Television

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