Flowers of Flame cover
Flowers of Flame
Unheard Voices of Iraq
In this stunning collection—the first since the American invasion—Iraqis themselves vividly depict the bombing of Baghdad, the fall of Saddam Hussein, the invaders (on both sides), the sectarian violence—and in the midst of it all, the hardships, loves, and hopes of the Iraqi people.
     This collection was compiled by Iraqis in exile in the U.S. Poets, editors, and translators in Iraq run the daily risk of suicide bombers, gunfire from all sides, and death squads. The poems included here represent Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, the living and the dead, those who remain in Iraq, and those who fled. It is a testament to the courage of all of the contributors.
     Flowers of Flame gives us a deeply touching vision of the heart—and the hope—of today’s Iraq.
Subjects: Poetry
Publication Date: August 29th, 2008
96 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Sadek Mohammed is an editor of Gilgamesh, Iraq's cultural journal in English. He is a literary scholar and professor of literature and translation in Baghdad.

Soheil Najm is an editor of Gilgamesh, Iraq's cultural journal of English. He is an internationally known poet and translator living in Baghdad.

Haider Al-Kabi is author of the poetry collection Bombardment. Exiled from Iraq after the first Gulf War, Haider immigrated to the United States and is currently a professor of Arabic and Spanish.

Dan Veach is the founder and editor of the international poetry journal Atlanta Review.

Early Praise

"The startlingly fresh poems gathered here, which range from the grim to the ecstatic, stand as a crucial reminder that the country of Iraq cannot be reduced to a place of terrorism, for it is populated by real people, some of them poets with real voices."
-- Billy Collins


Book AwardIPPY/Independent Publisher Book Award, Bronze
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