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Somewhere Geese are Flying
New and Selected Stories

In Somewhere Geese Are Flying, A son (in the often anthologized "Sleepy Time Gal") competes with his parents to tell "a simple story" about a poor boy/rich girl romance that "happened many years ago in the woods by a lake in Northern Michigan”... and the song he wrote her that became famous.
      A champion pole-vaulter jumps out of an airplane in France on D-Day, wearing a parachute that fails to open; he survives but, as his son says, "Imagine a man falling from the stars. It’s a long way down."
      Thrasher, in Paris, hears geese honking in the sky and Barbara all the way from Iowa saying, "Hold still... I’m going to kiss you now.' 
      Stories in Somewhere Geese Are Flying were written in many places—Michigan, Paris, Iowa, Slovakia, Oregon, Greece, Idaho, and on the Isle of Skye. Gildner says, "For a time, I thought to call the book ‘Foreign Stories’, but the title I use carries a sound I favor, a music both close and far away, something like stories trying to connect in what seem the only ways available to us: love and loss and that inseparable hold." 

Subjects: Fiction
Publication Date: July 31st, 2004
240 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Gary Gildner is a nationally recognized poet and writer, whose books include Somewhere Geese are Flying, Blue Like the Heavens,The Second Bridge, and The Warsaw Sparks. He has received the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a Pushcart Prize, the William Carlos Williams and Theodore Roethke poetry prizes; Gary was a Senior Fulbright Lecturer to both Poland and Czechoslovakia. Gildner lives in IdahoƆs Clearwater Mountains.

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ISBN: 9780870137334

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