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The Art of Loss

The title of this collection states the central theme—the losses that accrue over time and the ways in which this particular poetic persona deals with these losses: the loss of loved ones; of faith; of innocence—losses of both a personal, and of a larger, historical nature—losses that simultaneously deplete and elevate. These poems argue that memory is the servant of time, and that the work of memory is "a construct of mirror and shadow" transforming and distilling events until they achieve the status of myth ("Simulacrum"). Put another way, the poems suggest that in the moment something happens, it is already becoming memory, taking the first steps toward myth, neither wholly fiction nor fact, but inhabiting the gray area between. It is into this gray area that the poems look aslant—as though the poetic persona is walking away, looking back over her shoulder—using heightened, lyrical language to describe the commonplace and familiar—a childhood kitchen; a quiet room at dusk; the ritual of Saturday confession; the natural world; the artistic impulse—each filtered through, and mythologized by, the passage of time.

Subjects: Poetry
Publication Date: June 30th, 2001
100 pages| 6 in x 9 in
In addition to The Art of Loss, for which she was named 2001 Ohio Poet of the Year, Myrna Stone is the author of four other volumes of poetry: Luz Bones; In the Present Tense: Portraits of My Father: The Casanova Chronicles; and How Else to Love the World. She has twice been a finalist for the Ohioana Book Award in Poetry, and is the recipient of two Ohio Arts Council grants in Poetry and a Full Fellowship to Vermont Studio Center.Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, selected for nine anthologies, and has appeared in over fifty journals, including Poetry, Boulevard, The Massachusetts Review, Southwest Review, River Styx, Nimrod, and Crab Orchard Review. She is a founding member of The Greenville Poets, and lives in Greenville, Ohio, in an eighteenth-century farmhouse she and her husband moved from Rhode Island.


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