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Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems

Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems, Patrick LeBeau's first collection, is a self-reflective work on identity, ancestry, and family relationships voiced in three parts. "Stands Alone," the first voice heard, is the singular "he"—an entity lost in a sea of loneliness, loneliness that freezes growth and stagnates creativity. It places the self in a dizzy reality of emotions and knee-jerk reactions, cut off from the community. "He" wanders, seeking connections to land and community, but often finding confusion and despair and, occasionally, clarity and humor. Alone, he fends alone and suffers decisions made with only his counsel. The voice in part two moves the "he" to embrace community and a place of identity exploration and discovery. A language is learned. A language of stories that enables him to link his own personal history to a larger Native community and experience. Through this found relationship with ancestry and family, "he" becomes receptive to spiritual teachings and cultural practices. Part three sets "he" free to consolidate the "pieces" of his memories and experiences into one, large creative net of experimentation and form. Desiring inclusion of personal history and reflections regardless of notions of good or bad, positive or negative, "he" finally settles on a skin he can live with and within.

Subjects: Native Studies | Poetry
Publication Date: September 30th, 1999
84 pages| 5.5 in x 8.5 in
Patrick Russell LeBeau is the Director of the American Indian Studies Program and is a Professor of Writing Rhetorics and American Cultures at Michigan State University, as well as author of a book of poetry, Stands Alone, Faces, and Other Poems. Dr. LeBeau is a 2004 member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Humanities Council and is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation of South Dakota, in his father's home state. His mother is from Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, North Dakota.

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