Forging a Fateful Alliance cover
Forging a Fateful Alliance
Michigan State University and the Vietnam War

Forging A Fateful Alliance is an important study of the Vietnam War and American higher education-- revealing how secret and semi-secret institutional involvement in that conflict led to public disclosures that undermined the integrity of academe. After Indochina's de facto division in 1954, Michigan State University offered South Vietnam an array of technical support as part of the "nation-building" program. This support included developing a viable national public administrative structure and, at the same time, training South Vietnam's notorious military police. In return for these services, the U.S. government provided the university with generous clandestine and open financial remuneration -- money that the university would use to expand academic programs, construct new facilities, and fuel its dramatic growth. 
     In the end, however, the arrangement proved to be a Faustian bargain. Like many universities, MSU was accused of being a tool of Cold War foreign policy, of sending professors abroad to staff grandiose "outreach" programs that were based more on ideology than on scholarship or research. Ultimately, flaws inherent in the nation- building scheme, including its failure to address cultural differences or recognize the massive corruption in South Vietnam's government, foreshadowed the enormity of the tragedy that occurred in Southeast Asia after 1965.

Publication Date: May 31st, 1998
165 pages| 6 in x 9 in
John Ernst is Associate Professor of History, Dept. of Geography, Government, and History, at Morehead State University. He is a member of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations; the Southern Historical Association; and the Kentucky Association of Teachers of History. John was a Technical Editor for The Vietnam War for Dummies.

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