The Waters of Michigan cover
The Waters of Michigan

This book presents Michigan's greatest resource through the lens of a camera. One cannot think of Michigan without the image of water. Water as vast as the Great Lakes, as serene as the inland lakes, and as long and lazy or sleek and fast as the numerous byways that runbetween and among them. The Waters of Michigan is a tribute to this treasured resource of Michigan. Combining the vision of internationally renowned photographer David Lubbers with the stewardship focus of environmentalist Dave Dempsey, this collection presents a truly unique view and understanding of the waters of Michigan. The Waters of Michigan is a call to all who know the state of Michigan to re-see this wonder that is ours and to realize how precious and fragile it is.

Publication Date: April 29th, 2008
84 pages| 11 in x 11 in
David Lubbers is a fine art photographer with over thirty years of experience. In 1982, Lubbers moved to Sante Fe and photographed the Southwest extensively. Photographing with a large-format camera, he captured not only evidence of time and weather, but also the soul of the people. Since then he has photographed the West Coast and Michigan, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Four portfolios and two books of his photographs have been published. Lubbers has exhibited in Mexico, Italy, and Latvia in addition to numerous shows from Boston to San Francisco in the United States.

Dave Dempsey is the author and coauthor of eight nonfiction books and was named Michigan Author of the Year by the Michigan Library Association and the Michigan Center for the Book in 2009.

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ISBN: 9780870138300

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