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Global Focus
Images of a Land-Grant Tradition
Edited by Jay A. Rodman
Michigan State University faculty, staff, alumni, and students travel the world on "study abroad" programs, research and development projects, and personal vacations; many document their experiences photographically. "MSU Global Focus" is an international photography competition created in 1999 by MSU’s Office of International Studies and Programs, to foster the sharing of such photographs. Global Focus: Images of a Land-Grant Tradition is a blend of images and words, of artistic expression and historical documentation, of past and present, and of the perspectives of many people. Many of the archival and current photographs have never before been published. 
     More than 60 winning photographs from the first five years of the competition are featured in this book. These photos are juxtaposedwith more than 100 images depicting the breadth of M.S.U.’s international involvements, stretching from as long ago as the 1870s to the present day.
     Michigan State University has a long history of international involvement. The institution was among the handful of U.S. colleges and universities involved in supporting and establishing foreign programs immediately after World War II. Those efforts involved hun-dreds of faculty members and initiated the tradition of strong international involvement that continues today.
     In her preface to the book, M.S.U. President Lou Anna K. Simon said, "Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Lives. That is how we sum up our land-grant mission today. And at its core, that means we make a difference in people's lives—not just those people who come to Michigan State, but all of the people whose lives we touch around the world. The photos and text in this book tell an important part of that story, one that helps define who we are and one in which all of us who are part of Michigan State can take tremendous pride."
Publication Date: September 1st, 2005
124 pages| 14 in x 11 in
Jay A. Rodman is Director of Communication and Publications in the Office of International Studies & Programs at Michigan State University. One of the projects of this department is MSU Global Focus, the annual international photography competition for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Prior to joining MSU in 1998, Rodman coordinated academic advising for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University and taught Spanish and linguistics courses in the Phoenix area.

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