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Israel, the Intifada, and the Rise of Political Evil in Democracies

In this thoroughly researched, carefully argued work, Haim Gordon explores the existence and employment of what he calls "evil" as a political tool. First, he identifies attitudes and deeds that "help to sustain a stupid secrecy about evil." Second, he illustrates how democratic societies, Israel among them, support and encourage the existence of such practices. Finally, he suggests ways that individuals and groups can counter this kind of activity.  
      Throughout Quicksand, Gordon demonstrates his own personal commitment, his passion for justice, and his rage against the increasingly widespread forms of political evil that can be found in most democracies. He understands this book to be one means of inspiring, enlightening, and empowering those who struggle to retain human values and humane sensibilities in our increasingly violent, impersonal world.

Subjects: Social Science
Publication Date: April 30th, 1995
260 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Haim Gordon is senior lecturer in the Department of Education at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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ISBN: 9780870133640

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