Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy cover
Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy
The Living Art of Michael C. Leff
What distinguishes the study of rhetoric from other pursuits in the liberal arts? From what realms of human existence and expression, of human history, does such study draw its defining character? What, in the end, should be the purposes of rhetorical inquiry? And amid so many competing accounts of discourse, power, and judgment in the contemporary world, how might scholars achieve these purposes through the attitudes and strategies that animate their work?

Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy: The Living Art of Michael C. Leff offers answers to these questions by introducing the central insights of one of the most innovative and prolific rhetoricians of the twentieth century, Michael C. Leff. This volume charts Leff ’s decades-long development as a scholar, revealing both the variety of topics and the approach that marked his oeuvre, as well as his long-standing critique of the disciplinary assumptions of classical, Hellenistic, renaissance, modern, and postmodern rhetoric.
Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy includes a synoptic introduction to the evolution of Leff ’s thought from his time as a graduate student in the late 1960s to his death in 2010, as well as specific commentary on twenty-four of his most illuminating essays and lectures.
Publication Date: October 1st, 2016
506 pages| 6 in x 9 in
Antonio De Velasco is associate professor of rhetoric in the Department of Communication at the University of Memphis.


John Angus Campbell is professor emeritus in the Department of Communication at the University of Memphis.

David Henry is chair and Sanford Berman Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Early Praise

“Featuring both canonical essays and lesser-known works, this book brings together studies demonstrating the sweep and depth of Leff’s distinguished scholarship. It reminds us how much rhetorical studies have been enriched by the commitment, insight, and passion of this remarkable man.”
David Zarefsky, Owen L. Coon Professor Emeritus of Argumentation and Debate, professor emeritus of Communication

“This remarkable collection brings together for the first time much of Michael C. Leff’s lifetime body of work in rhetorical studies. With all their revisionary richness and originality of thought, Leff’s essays continue to have direct relevance to the most significant disciplinary debates in communication and English as well as to ongoing interdisciplinary discussions in critical theory and cultural studies throughout the human sciences.”
Steven Mailloux, President’s Professor of Rhetoric, Loyola Marymount University

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ISBN: 9781611862133

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