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MSU Campusā€”Buildings, Places, Spaces
Architecture and the Campus Park of Michigan State University
Machado de Assis
Toward a Poetics of Emulation
Magic Workbook
The Tools You Need to Transform Your Company
Making Animal Meaning
The Making of Brazil
Bahia Reconsidered
Making the Case
Advocacy and Judgment in Public Argument
Malaria, Poems
Malcolm X
Inventing Radical Judgment
Malcolm X
An Exemplar for Contemporary Black Studies
Maltese in Michigan
The Man Who Found the Money
John Stewart Kennedy and the Financing of the Western Railroads
Man in Motion
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader Emil Lockwood
Man, God, and Nature in the Enlightenment
Manchurian Legacy
Memoirs of a Japanese Colonist
The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan
Mansfield and Vietnam
A Study in Rhetorical Adaptation
The Manufacture of Consent
J. Edgar Hoover and the Rhetorical Rise of the FBI
Mapping in Michigan & the Great Lakes Region
Mary Schafer and Her Quilts
Conversations about Indigenous Manhood