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La Nouvelle France
The Making of French Canada - A Cultural History
The Lake Huron Ecosystem
Ecology, Fisheries and Management
Lakeshore Living
Designing Lake Places and Communities in the Footprints of Environmental Writers
Land Ho! 1620
A Seaman's Story of the Mayflower, Her Construction, Her Navigation, and Her First Landfall
The Landscape of Rural Service Learning, and What It Teaches Us All
Latinos and the 2012 Election
The New Face of the American Voter
Latinos and the 2016 Election
Latino Resistance and the Election of Donald Trump
Latinos in Michigan
Latinos in the Midwest
Latvians in Michigan
Laughing Whitefish
Learning in the Plural
Essays on the Humanities and Public Life
The Least of These
The Legend of Good Women
Let Burn
Letter from Morocco
Letters from Robben Island
A Selection of Ahmed Kathrada's Prison Correspondence, 1964-1989
Liberation and Development
Black Consciousness Community Programs in South Africa
Lies to Live By
The Lieutenant of Kouta