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Icelanders In North America
The First Settlers
The Idea of a Human Rights Museum
Ideas of Home
The Literature of Asian Migration
Ideology, Identity and Assumptions
Imagine a Woman
and Other Tales
Imagined Homes
Soviet German Immigrants During the Cold War
Imagining China
Rhetorics of Nationalism in an Age of Globalization
Imagining Winnipeg
History through the Photographs of L.B. Foote
Imperial Plots
Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies
The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and the City of Chicago
In Order to Live Untroubled
Inuit of the Central Arctic, 1550 to 1940
In Quest of Great Lakes Ice Age Vertebrates
In the Kingdom of the Ditch
In the Shadow of Russia
Reform in Kazakahstan and Uzbekistan
In the Shadow of the Bear
A Michigan Memoir
In the Time of the Present
In the Wake of Violence
Image & Social Reform
Increasing the Odds for High-Performance Teams
Lessons Learned
Indian Country
Telling a Story in a Digital Age
Indian Summers