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French Thinking about Animals
From Plantation to Paradise?
Cultural Politics and Musical Theatre in French Slave Colonies, 1764–1789
Forest Prairie Edge
Place History in Saskatchewan
Food in the Civil War Era
The South
The Forge and the Funeral
The Smith in Kapsiki/Higi Culture
French in Michigan
From Curlers to Chainsaws
Women and Their Machines
Female SS Guards and Workaday Violence
The Majdanek Concentration Camp, 1942-1944
Food in the Civil War Era
The North
A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan
French and Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815
Flesh Becomes Word
A Lexicography of the Scapegoat or, the History of an Idea
Flowering of the Cumberland
Follow the Blackbirds
Finns in the United States
A History of Settlement, Dissent, and Integration
The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre
An Anthology of Explorations in Creative Nonfiction
Fourth City
Essays from the Prison in America
Fault Lines
Life and Landscape in Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy
From the Tundra to the Trenches
French Colonial History 15