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The Eagle Has Eyes
The FBI Surveillance of César Estrada Chávez of the United Farm Workers Union of America, 1965–1975
The Eagle Returns
The Legal History of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
Early Encounters
Native Americans and Europeans in New England. From the Papers of W. Sears Nickerson
Easterns and Westerns
Economy and the Future
A Crisis of Faith
Edge of Empire
Documents of Michilimackinac, 1671-1716
The Edge of the Woods
Iroquoia, 1534-1701
Edward W. Blyden
Afropublicanism, Pan-Africanism, Islam, and the Indigenous West African Church
Eight Mile High
Rhetoric and Leadership
Emerging Issues and Trends in Education
Emigration, Nation, Vocation
The Literature of English Emigration to Canada, 1825-1900
Emotional Impact
American Figurative Expressionism
The Emperor
A Personal Viewpoint of Politics and Administration in the Imperial Ethiopian Government, 1941-1974
Empty Beds
Indian Student Health at Sherman Institute, 1902-1922
An Enchanting Darkness
The American Vision of Africa in the Twentieth Century
Democracy and Counter-Revolution in the Early Republic
The English Lyric From Wyatt to Donne
English Romanticism
Preludes and Postludes : Essays in Honor of Edwin Graves Wilson
Enigmas of Sacrifice
A Critique of Joseph M. Plunkett and the Dublin Insurrection of 1916