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Can We Survive Our Origins?
Readings in René Girard's Theory of Violence and the Sacred
The Canals of Mars
A Memoir
Casablanca and Other Stories
The Cassava Transformation
Africa's Best-Kept Secret
The Cat Who Taught Me How to Fly
An Arab Prison Novel
Centering Anishinaabeg Studies
Understanding the World through Stories
Chairman of the Board
A Biography of Carl A. Gerstacker
Chaldeans in Michigan
Challenge Accepted
A Finnish Immigrant Response to Industrial America in Michigan's Copper Country
A Chance for Love
The World War II Letters of Marian Elizabeth Smith and Lt. Eugene T. Petersen, USMCR
Changing Forever
The Well-Kept Secrets of America's Leading Companies
The Character of Justice
Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Checking the Pulse of Lake Erie
The Chican@ Hip Hop Nation
Politics of a New Millennial Mestizaje
Child of the Ocmulgee
The Selected Poems of Freda Quenneville
Chippewa Lake
A Community in Search of an Identity
Christianity and the Mass Media in America
Toward a Democratic Accommodation
Citizens of Beauty
Poems of Jean Sénac
Civic Empowerment in an Age of Corporate Greed
The Clay We are Made of
Haudenosaunee Land Tenure on the Grand River