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The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays
The African Union
New Pan-African Initiatives in Global Governance
Aucassin and Nicolette
A Facing-Page Edition and Translation
Animals as Food
(Re)connecting Production, Processing, Consumption, and Impacts
At the Core and in the Margins
Incorporation of Mexican Immigrants in Two Rural Midwestern Communities
At the Crossroads of Fear and Freedom
The Fight for Social and Educational Justice
Animals as Neighbors
The Past and Present of Commensal Animals
African American Females
Addressing Challenges and Nurturing the Future
Apollo and Vulcan
The Art Markets in Italy, 1400-1700
After the Czars and Commissars
Journalism in Authoritarian Post-Soviet Central Asia
Animals as Domesticates
A World View through History
Afrodescendants, Identity, and the Struggle for Development in the Americas
Anorexia and Mimetic Desire
As She Was Discovering Tigony
Applewood: The Charles Stewart Mott Estate
One Hundred Years of Stories, 1916–2016
Albert Camus, Jean Sénac, or The Rebel Son
Alexis Rockman
The Great Lakes Cycle
After the Bloodbath
Is Healing Possible in the Wake of Rampage Shootings?
Armenian Proverbs and Expressions
A Collection from the Early Detroit Armenian Community in Delray and Elsewhere
Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Regulatory Process