Submission Guidelines

Sections of Real Analysis Exchange

  • Topical Surveys are articles giving an overview of one area of current research activity. These articles differ from survey articles in other journals both by their more limited scope and greater depth. Such articles should include a stream of mathematical thought from the origins of the topic through unpublished results. For information about writing a survey article, contact Paul Humke, Department of Mathematics, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN 55057, USA; e-mail: or
  • Research Articles are reserved for original research in areas of real analysis, functions of one or more real variables and real set theory. The results appearing in this section must not appear in unabstracted form elsewhere.
  • Inroads are papers containing new and simple proofs of well-known theorems, or simple and interesting consequences of well-known results. In general, abstracts of papers to appear elsewhere are not appropriate. A synopsis of a dissertation in real analysis is appropriate, if the results are not to appear in another journal. Authors need not present proofs of all assertions in an Inroads article, but when an omitted proof is not easy, the reader should be told.
  • Queries are problems presented with appropriate background and bibliographical information. This section is not for recreational problems, but rather is a forum for the presentation of unsolved problems in specific areas of real analysis.

Manuscript Preparation
Manuscripts for Real Analysis Exchange may be submitted in typed form, or electronically, either on a disk or by e-mail. Papers submitted electronically should be in LaTeX or LaTeX2e format. A special style file including instructions for authors is available from Associate Editor Lee Larson or from RAEX, but any article written using the standard article document class (or style) that conforms to the standard LaTeX conventions is acceptable.

Manuscript Submission
A submission to any section should be sent to the appropriate Contributing Editor according to subjects listed below. If in doubt, send your submission to the Editor-in-chief.


Jack Brown: Topology
Zoltán Buczolich: Real measure theory and fractal geometry
Krzysztof Ciesielski: Foundations
Marianna Csőrnyei: Complexity of sets and functions, Lipschitz maps, geometric measure theory
Emma D’Aniello: Dynamical systems, topology
Udayan B. Darji: Topology, set theory
Luisa Di Piazza: Generalized Integration in one and several variables
Steve Jackson: Descriptive set theory, logic
Bernd Kirchheim: Calculus of variations, quasiconformal analysis
Ursula Molter: Wavelets, frames, sparsity
Zbigniew Nitecki: Dynamical systems
Alexander Olevskii: Harmonic and Fourier analysis; inequalities
Lars Olsen: Geometric and classical measure theory, ergodic theory, dynamical systems
Brian S. Thomson: Differentiation; antidifferentiation; Baire and Borel classifications
Miroslav Zelený: Foundations of analysis, Baire and Borel classifications


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