Volume 5, Issue 1

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Editor's Note

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When a Bird Builds Its Nest, It Uses the Feathers of Other Birds
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Performing Trauma: The Ghosts of Slavery in Yoruba Music and Ritual Dance
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Liberia: A Colonized Nation and the Role of English in that Process
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Phoenix Rise: A History of the Architectural Reconstruction of the Burnt City of Kumase, 1874–1960
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The Politics of Property Rights: The Case of Akyem Abuakwa, Ghana (1912–1943)
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The Wild Bunch: Cowboy Clubs, Gangs, and Societies in Nigeria
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Book Reviews

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Book Reviews

Olúfémi Táíwò, Africa Must Be Modern: A Manifesto, reviewed by Andrew Kettler

Zachary Valentine Wright, Living Knowledge in West African Islam: The Sufi Community of Ibrahim Niasse, reviewed by David Owusu-Ansah

Kate Skinner, The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland: Literacy, Politics and Nationalism, 1914–2014, reviewed by Kevin E. Grimm

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