Volume 5, Issue 1

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Queer Life-Worlds in Postsocialist Armenia: Alternativ Space and the Possibilities of In/Visibility”
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Pg. 24
Out of Sync: Complex Temporality in Transgender Men’s YouTube Transition Channels
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Pg. 48
Love in the Time of ACT UP: Reflections on AIDS Activism, Queer Family, and Desire
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Pg. 84
"What Does It Mean to Be Undocuqueer?" Exploring (il)Legibility within the Intersection of Gender, Sexuality, and Immigration Status
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Pg. 103
Review of Exhibitions: British Library, Gay UK: Love, Law and Liberty; British Museum, Desire, Love, Identity: Exploring LGBTQ Histories; and Tate Britain, Queer British Art, 1861–1967
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Pg. 112
Embodied Risk: Cassils
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Pg. 117
Artist as Alchemist: A Review of Cassils’s Monumental
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Book Reviews

Pg. 134
Book Reviews

Meg-John Barker and Julia Scheele, Queer: A Graphic History, reviewed by Jess O’Rear Ana Castillo, Give It to Me, reviewed by Elena Perez-Zetune

Uriel Quesada, Leticia Gomez, and Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, eds., Queer Brown Voices: Personal Narratives of Latina/o LGBT Activism, reviewed by Griselda Madrigal Lara

Jesus Ramirez-Valles, Queer Aging: The Gayby Boomers and a New Frontier for Gerontology, reviewed by Dustin Bradley Goltz

Eric Darnell Pritchard, Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy, reviewed by Gavin P. Johnson

Eli Clare, Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure, reviewed by Julie Avril Minich

Amy L. Brandzel, Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative, reviewed by Annie Hill

Bruno Perreau, Queer Theory: The French Response, reviewed by Kim Coates

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