Volume 14, Issue 1

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Special Section

Pg. 1
Ungrounding the Nation: A Reading of Juan José Saer’s Nobody Nothing Ever (Nadie nada nunca)
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Pg. 25
Aesthetics, Politics and Event: Borges’s “El fin,” the Argentine Tradition and Death
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Pg. 47
Procedures for Drawing the Event of the Indians: On Aira’s An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter
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Pg. 71
Memoryand Fragility: Art’s Resistance to Oblivion (Three Colombian Cases)
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Pg. 99
A Weak Force: On the Chilean Dictatorship and Visual Arts
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Pg. 129
On Loss and Not Losing It: Neruda, Mistral, and Zurita in the Postdictatorship
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Pg. 153
Juan Gelman’s Open Letters: Mourning and Mundo Beyond Militancy
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Pg. 175
Cowardice—An Alibi: On Prudence and Senselessness
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Pg. 195
Beyond Inquisitional Logic, or, Toward an An-archaeological Latin Americanism
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Pg. 213
We Have Good Reasons for This (And They Keep Coming): Revolutionary Drive and Democratic Desire
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Pg. 245
Toward an Appreciation of Latin American Philosophy: Jorge J. E. Gracia’s Recovery Mission
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Pg. 259
The Boundaries Between Philosophy and Literature: A Response to Elizabeth Millán and Amy Oliver
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