Volume 8, Issue 1

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The French New Right: Neither Right, nor Left?
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The New Right and Metapolitics in France and Italy
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Pg. 87
The Nouvelle Droite and “Tradition”
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Pg. 107
A Conversation with John Morgan
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Book Reviews

Pg. 125
Book Reviews
Making Sense of Anarchism: Errico Malatesta’s Experiments with Revolution, 1889–1900, by Davide Turcato
Reviewed by Matthew S. Adams

The Haymarket Conspiracy: Transatlantic Anarchist Networks, by Timothy Messer-Kruse
Reviewed by Richard Bach Jensen

Counterculture Kaleidoscope: Musical and Cultural Perspectives on Late Sixties San Francisco, by Nadya Zimmerman
Reviewed by Michael J. Kramer

A History of Utah Radicalism: Startling, Socialistic, and Decidedly Revolutionary, by John S. McCormick and John R. Sillito
Reviewed by David Rich Lewis

Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism, by David R. Swartz
Reviewed by Kate Netzler Burch

Hippies, Indians, & the Fight for Red Power, by Sherry L. Smith
Reviewed by Kiara M. Vigil

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Pg. 141
Alain de Benoist Answers Tamir Bar-On
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