Volume 2, Issue 2

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Civil Rights in the Postmodern Era: An Introduction
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The Null Persona: Race, Rhetoric, and Silence in the Uprising of '34
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Harry Truman and the NAACP: A Case Study in Presidential Persuasion on Civil Rights
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The Promise and Failure of President Clinton's Race Initiative of 1997-1998: A Rhetorical Perspective
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Rhetoric, Racist Ideology, and Intellectual Leadership
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Memory and Reconciliation in the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
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Historical Narratives, Rhetorical Narratives, and Woman Suffrage Scholarship
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Book Reviews

Pg. 340
Book Reviews

Patricia Hill Collins, Fighting Words: Black Women & the Search for Justice
Reviewed by Kimberly S. Adams

Rickie Solinger, ed., Abortion Wars: A Half Century of Struggle, 1950-2000
Reviewed by Barbara Burrell

George M. Fredrickson, The Comparative Imagination: On the History of Racism, Nationalism, and Social Movements
Reviewed by Elizabeth Walker Mechling

James M. Jasper, The Art of Moral Protest: Culture, Biography, and Creativity in Social Movements
Reviewed by Ira Chernus

Hanes Walton Jr., African American Power and Politics: The Political Context Variable
Reviewed by Boris E. Ricks

Charles Marsh, God's Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights
Reviewed by Steven R. Goldzwig

Anita Haya Patterson, From Emerson to King: Democracy, Race, and the Politics of Protest
Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Kurtz

Anne Loftis, Witnesses to the Struggle: Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement
Reviewed by Kevin J. Ayotte

Alan Brinkley, Liberalism and Its Discontents
Reviewed by David Zarefsky

Athan G. Theoharis, ed., A Culture of Secrecy: The Government Versus the People's Right to Know
Reviewed by Marcy R. Chvasta

Keith Beattie, The Scar that Binds: American Culture and the Vietnam War
Lloyd C. Gardner and Ted Gittinger, Vietnam: The Early Decisions
Reviewed by Peter Frost

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