French Colonial History

Sponsored by the French Colonial Historical Society (FCHS), French Colonial History is an annual volume of refereed, scholarly articles. The journal covers all aspects of French colonization and the history of all French colonies, reflecting the temporal span, geographical breadth, and diversity of subject matter that characterize the scholarly interests of the Society’s members.

French Colonial History is an outgrowth of the Society’s ongoing relationship with Michigan State University Press, which began with the Press’s publication of the 1995 FCHS Proceedings. In 2001, it turned into a journal and is no longer dependent on the Society’s annual conference. Papers submitted to the journal for publication need not have been presented at the Society’s annual meetings, nor must contributors be active members at the time they submit their work for publications.

Graduate students and recent post-graduates who present at the annual meeting and who subsequently publish their work in French Colonial History are eligible for the W. J. Eccles Prize.

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Ken Orosz, editor of French Colonial History, teaches at Buffalo State. Contact him at

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