Submission Guidelines

Contagion invites submissions of manuscripts dealing with the theory or practical application of the mimetic model in anthropology, economics, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, and cultural studies. All manuscripts submitted for publication consideration must be original work that has not been published previously and is not currently under review by any other publication outlet.

Manuscript Preparation & Submission

  • Submit papers (electronic files only) in Microsoft Word PC format by email attachment to William Johnsen
  • To prepare your piece for publication, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style and the Contagion Style Sheet
  • A completed Author Submission Checklist should accompany submissions (with all checklist requirements fulfilled)
  • Articles accepted for publication require a signed Author Publishing Agreement
  • List all accented letters or special characters on separate page at beginning of text
  • Supply a one-paragraph author biography on a separate page
  • Use 1-inch margins throughout; number each page; use left aligned margins (“ragged” right); double space all text, including quotations, notes, and captions
  • Do not hyphenate words at end of lines; do not use headers or footers with identifying information. Use tab keys (not space bar) to indent first lines of new paragraphs
  • Spell out numbers from one to ten. Use Arabic numerals for number 11 and above. Exceptions to this rule: 1) a series of mixed numbers (e.g., 14 cities, 2 small towns, 11 villages, and 8 settlements); 2) when a number precedes an abbreviation for a standard unit of measure (e.g., 3 g, 18 mm, 6 m). Use numerals for all dates, times, page numbers, and percentages.
  • Use month-day-year (April 13, 1892) dating throughout
  • Photographs, maps, or other graphics must be accompanied by permission from copyright holders for both print and electronic use. Electronic photographs must be minimum 300 dpi resolution at full size (size when printed in journal). See MSU Press’s Images & Derivative Materials policy below.
  • Use endnotes rather than footnotes or the author-date system (Chicago documentation one style, chapter 16). Endnotes (no footnotes) are used for explanatory material, not general citations. Endnotes should be placed at the end of the body of the text but before the references.


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Lord Alfred Tennyson, “Ulysses,” in The Norton Anthology of
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  • Campbell and Jamieson, Deeds Done in Words, 10.
  • Brands, “Age of Vulnerability,” 963.
  • Greenstein, “Eisenhower’s Leadership Style,” in Eisenhower, 55.

Images & Derivative Materials

It is the author/researcher’s obligation and responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright and/or other use restrictions prior to submitting materials to MSU Press for publication. Citations, permissions, and captions are required upon submission for all images. Use the Contagion permission request letter to obtain permission from an image’s rightholder—we cannot publish such materials until written clearance is obtained. Electronic files accepted; all images must be minimum 300 dpi at planned publication size.


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