Contagion is the journal of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COV&R), an international association of scholars founded in 1990 and dedicated to the exploration, criticism, and development of René Girard’s mimetic model of the relationship between violence and religion in the genesis and maintenance of culture. The Violence, Mimesis, and Culture Series and Breakthoughs in Mimetic Theory Series provide additional examination of cultural mimesis.

COV&R is concerned with questions of research and application. Scholars from diverse fields and theoretical orientations are invited to participate in its conferences and publications. Membership includes subscriptions to Contagion and to the organization’s biannual Bulletin which contains recent bibliography, book reviews, and information on the annual conference as well as on relevant satellite sessions in conferences of diverse disciplines.

Current Issue

ContcoverVolume 20

“Preparing well in advance for the sesquicentennial of Origin of the Species, David J. Depew and Bruce H. Weber proposed the term “Darwinian research tradition” to identify faithful, revisionary, and resistant work taking its cue from Darwin. There is now a full-fledged Girardian research tradition, which our successive surveys of research across the languages are mapping for us. In this issue we thank Wolfgang Palaver and Dietmar Regensburger of Innsbruck University, Andreas Hetzel of the universities of Darmstadt and Innsbruck, and Gabriel Borrud, their translator, for surveying work in German.

I am very happy to include here the Raymund Schwager Memorial Lecture from COV&R Tokyo 2012, given by Richard Schenk, OP, who is president of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. On the journal cover we have the image of a key letter written by Raymund Schwager to René Girard that is crucial to understanding their fruitful dialog (Auerbach’s term was “wechselseitige Befruchtung”) to be published soon. I thank Józef Niewiadomski of Innsbruck University for the use of this image.”

From the introduction to Contagion 20, by editor William A. Johnsen

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