Women's Studies

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Let Burn
Life Stages and Native Women
Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine
The Low Road
A Scottish Family Memoir
Making Ends Meet
Farm Women's Work in Manitoba
Mennonite Women in Canada
A History
No Time for Fear
Voices of American Military Nurses in World War II
Ordinary Women
An Arctic Adventure
Profiles in Diversity
Women in the New South Africa
Remember the Distance that Divides Us
The Family Letters of Philadelphia Quaker Abolitionist and Michigan Pioneer Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, 1830-1842
Short Leash
A Memoir of Dog Walking and Deliverance
A Sinner of Memory
Perspectives on Birthing
Why I Left the Amish
A Memoir
Woman in the Wilderness
Letters of Harriet Wood Wheeler, Missonary Wife, 1832-1892
Women of the First Nations
Power, Wisdom, and Strength