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African American Females
Addressing Challenges and Nurturing the Future
City of Broken Dreams
Myth-Making, Nationalism and the University in an African Motor City
Closing the Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males
Crisis in Higher Education
A Plan to Save Small Liberal Arts Colleges in America
Emerging Issues and Trends in Education
The Handbook of Research on Black Males
Quantitative, Qualitative, and Multidisciplinary
Internationalizing Business Education
Meeting the Challenge
Internationalizing a School of Education
Integration and Infusion in Practice
Learning in the Plural
Essays on the Humanities and Public Life
Narratives of Educating for Sustainability in Unsustainable Environments
Power to the Transfer
Critical Race Theory and a Transfer Receptive Culture
The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools
Mendez, Brown, and Beyond
Rethinking Michigan Indian History
Rise Up!
Activism as Education
Science is Golden
A Problem-Solving Approach to Doing Science with Children
Service-Learning as a New Paradigm in Higher Education of China
The State of the African American Male