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Holocaust Survivors in Canada
Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947–1955
Horse-and-Buggy Genius
Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World
Icelanders In North America
The First Settlers
The Idea of a Human Rights Museum
Imagined Homes
Soviet German Immigrants During the Cold War
Imagining Winnipeg
History through the Photographs of L.B. Foote
Imperial Plots
Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies
In Order to Live Untroubled
Inuit of the Central Arctic, 1550 to 1940
Indians Don
Gaawiin Mawisiiwag Anishinaabeg
Indigenous Homelessness Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
Indigenous Men and Masculinities
Legacies, Identities, Regeneration
Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada
Indigenous Women, Work, and History
Intimate Strangers
The Letters of Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy
Invisible Immigrants
The English in Canada since 1945
Just One Vote
From Jim Walding's Nomination to Constitutional Defeat
Keep True
A Life in Politics
A Knock on the Door
The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
A Land Not Forgotten
Indigenous Food Security and Land-Based Practices in Northern Ontario
Laws of Early Iceland
Gragas II