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arabic-1-2New from MSU Press: 
ARABIC 1 and ARABIC 2,  language books for teachers and students of Arabic in the United States;

50-1d0-3602-50-9781611862348ARABIC 1 and 2 Teachers’ Guide sets the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and provides goals for teachers to help students achieve these standards. It also contains additional exercises for those students to further hone their Arabic language skills outside of the textbooks.


Love Is My Savior: The Arabic Poems of Rumi by Rumi (Translation by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari and Anthony A. Lee) is one of 3 Books from MSU Press on WORLD LITERATURE TODAY’s 75 Notable Translations of 2016.

Arabic Language and Literature Series, books with a focus on English translations from less commonly translated regions of the Arab world and from genres representing vibrant social issues.

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Indian Country: Telling a Story in a Digital Age by Victoria L. LaPoe, and Benjamin Rex LaPoe.
With interviews from more than forty Native journalists around the country, this book is essential to understanding how digital media possibly advances the distribution of traditional oral storytelling within the American Indian community.

50-1d0-35f3-50-9781611862287The Cat Who Taught Me How to Fly: An Arab Prison Novel by Hashem Gharaibeh.
Hashem Gharaibeh tells the moving story of a political prisoner during Jordan’s martial law era, which spanned from 1967 to 1989—a thrilling and brutally honest story about the horrors and insanities of everyday life in an Arab prison.

50-1d0-34e3-50-9781611862096As She Was Discovering Tigony  by Olympe Bhêly-Quenum.
A novel of the current age of globalization and neoliberalism as one in which the riches of Africa are again being cynically exploited by multinational companies.

Sailing into History: Great Lakes Bulk Carriers of the Twentieth Century and the Crews Who Sailed Them  by Frank Boles.  The Great Lakes create a vast transportation network that supports a massive shipping industry: seamanship, cargo, competition, cooperation, technology, engineering, business, unions, and international agreements.


by Mary Sharp and Frederick J. Beier.
A look at the principles and personal values that guided Burdakin through a long, successful career as a top manager at three railroads—Pennsylvania, Penn Central, and Grand Trunk Western.

nationalizing a School of Education: Integration and Infusion in Practice by John Schwille.
“AN EXTRAORDINARY STORY told by a masterful storyteller… Veteran leader and scholar in international education John Schwille reflects on the journey of internationalization of one highly accomplished higher education institution….insightful, honest, scholarly, and personal—an excellent read.”—Yong Zhao, Presidential Chair, College of Education, University of Oregon.


One of WORLD LITERATURE TODAY’s 75 Notable Translations of 2016
Doomi Golo—The Hidden Notebooks
by Boubacar Boris Diop
The first novel to be translated from Wolof to English, Doomi Golo—The Hidden Notebooks is a masterful work that conveys the story of Nguirane Faye and his attempts to communicate with his grandson before he dies.

Rethinking Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy: The Living Art of Michael C. Leff  Edited by Antonio de Velasco, John Angus Campbell, and David Henry.
This introduces the central insights of one of the most innovative and prolific rhetoricians of the twentieth century, Michael C. Leff.

The Landscape of Rural Service Learning, and What It Teaches Us All
Edited by Randy Stoecker, Nicholas Holton, and Charles Ganzert.
“This text is a critical missing piece in the development of service learning….Rural service learning has always had its unique challenges and opportunities, and it’s a pleasure to see it illuminated so well.”—Amy Smitter, Habitat for Humanity of Michigan.


Mid-Michigan Modern: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Googie by Susan J. Bandes.
From 1940 to 1970 mid‐Michigan had an extensive and varied legacy of modernist architecture by renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Alden B. Dow, and the Keck brothers, the text—based on archival research and oral histories—focuses more heavily on regional architects whose work was strongly influenced by international modern styles. Color and B/W illustrations.

Brazilian-African Diaspora in Ghana: The Tabom, Slavery, Dissonance of Memory, Identity, and Locating Home by Kwame Essien.
The untold story of freed slaves from Brazil who thrived socially, culturally, and economically despite the challenges they encountered after they settled in Ghana. Kwame Essien goes beyond the one-dimensional approach that only focuses on British abolitionists’ funding of freed slaves’ resettlements in Africa.


 ▪ 2017KeefeCompF.indd Michmnb_notable-books-logohistory-awardigan Notable Book Award
▪  Historical Society of Michigan State History Award

Twelve Twenty-Five: The Life and Times of a Steam Locomotive by Kevin P. Keefe.
The story of a World War II–era steam locomotive and the determination of two generations of volunteers to keep it running. 141 illustrations: 21 full-color photographs, 120 B/W photographs, including a Michigan route map.

Giving Life, Giving Death: Psychoanalysis, Anthropology, Philosophy by Lucien Scubla.

Conrad’s Shadow: Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory by Nidesh Lawtoo.

Sounding Thunder: The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow by Brian D. McInnes.

Mourning Animals: Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death by Margo de Mello.

Contemporary African Cinema by Olivier Barlet.

You as of Today My Homeland: Stories of War, Self, and Love by Tayseer Al-Sboul (1939–1973). Translator: Nesreen Akhtarkhavari.

Applewood: The Charles Stewart Mott Estate: One Hundred Years of Stories, 1916–2016 by Susan J. Newhof.