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arabic-1-2New from MSU Press: 
ARABIC 1 and ARABIC 2,  language books for teachers and students of Arabic in the United States;

A50-1d0-3602-50-9781611862348RABIC 1 and 2 Teachers’ Guide sets the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and provides goals for teachers to help students achieve these standards. With additional exercises for those students to further hone their Arabic language skills outside of the textbooks.

Arabic Language and Literature Series, books with a focus on English translations from less commonly translated regions of the Arab world and from genres representing vibrant social issues.

APRIL Highlights
PHOTOGRAPHY AND AMERICAN COLONIALITY, ELIOT ELISOFON IN AFRICA, 1942–1972 by Raoul J. Granqvist. Elisofon’s career as a war photographer-correspondent and staff photographer for “LIFE” began persistent colonialist mythologies.
“OBEAH” AND OTHER MARTINICAN STORIES. Seven short stories written by Marie-Magdeleine Carbet, Martinique’s most prolific woman writer. Four of these stories are previously unpublished, obtained from Carbet’s niece
FIGHTING THE DEATH PENALTY, A FIFTY-YEAR JOURNEY OF ARGUMENT AND PERSUASION by Eugene G. Wanger. Michigan is the only state in the country that has a death penalty prohibition in its constitution, which was penned by author Wanger.
RADICALISM AND REPUTATION, THE CAREER OF BRONTERRE O’BRIEN by Michael J. Turner. The Chartist movement and promise of political democratization —to broader themes in the history of Britain.

MARCH Highlights
Cold by John Smolens. Paperback reissue. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award (2001). Internationally acclaimed, Cold takes us deep into a harsh, frozen world, where love, greed, and the promise of a second chance compel six people toward a chilling and inevitable reckoning. In the frozen reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, fierce winter storms hit without warning, where a man walks away from his prison work detail into a blizzard.