Melvin Visser

Melvin J. Visser had a distinguished thirty-five year career with the Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Early retirement allowed him to pursue a solution to the mystery described in Cold, Clear, and Deadly. Visser received his chemical engineering degree from Michigan Technological University in 1959 and spent a career manufacturing pharmaceutical chemicals at The Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo. In 1980, he assumed environmental responsibility for the corporation. Mel's environmental chemical education came when he was appointed to co chair the Great Lakes Regional Corporate Environmental Council, an association of U.S. and Canadian industrial and environmental leaders formed to discuss their differences in a collegial setting. Mel retired in 1995 wondering why PCB concentrations in Lake Superior remained stagnant years after their banning. Volunteering in state and federal efforts did not bring answers. Two trips to the Canadian High Arctic and the assimilation of international research studies and business practices led to surprising answers. His search is chronicled in Cold, Clear, and Deadly: Unraveling a Toxic Legacy.

This author's publications

Cold, Clear, and Deadly
Unraveling a Toxic Legacy