Jack Glazier

Jack Glazier is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anthropology at Oberlin College. He is on the advisory board of the Encyclopedia of Diasporas. Jack has collaborated with the anthropologist Arthur L. Helweg on the inaugural volume, Ethnicity in Michigan, of the series, Discovering the Peoples of Michigan. He has also served on the Board of Directors and the Program Committee of the American Anthropological Association. He is a Fellow of the American Anthropological Association and the Royal Anthropological Institute. Jack has also published Dispersing the Ghetto: The Relocation of Jewish Immigrants Across America, with Cornell University Press.

This author's publications

Anthropology and Radical Humanism
Native and African American Narratives and the Myth of Race
Dispersing the Ghetto
The Relocation of Jewish Immigrants Across America
Ethnicity in Michigan
Issues and People