Fourth Genre 19, no. 2 cover
Fourth Genre 19, no. 2
Edited by Laura Julier

Editor’s Note

Ira Sukrungruang, “Yummy”
Micah Ling, “I Imagine Blood”
Ember Johnson, “Dissolution”
Leslie Maxwell, “Some May Be Infi nite”
Kevin Honold, “Spring Arrives in the Gobi”
Chauna Craig, “States of Emergency”
S. Isabel Choi, “The Natural Order of Things”
Kerry Muir, “Toxic Malibu: An Ode”
Qinglan Wang, “Homeloss”
Jennifer Rose, “Buff alo, 1971”
JP Hyzy, “Taxonomy”
Sandell Morse, “Brown Leather Satchel”
Rosanna N. Henderson, “Firewood”

Writer as Reader
David Hamilton, “A Certain Arc”
Dale Rigby, “On Rimrocking Right”

On the Lyric Essay
Desirae Matherly, “Prose, Essay, Lyric”
Travis Scholl, “Reading Lyric: Essay and Archive”
Beth Peterson, “The Lyric Invitation”

Review Essays
Kathleen Livingston, “The Poetics of Leaving a Place”
Bob Cowser, Jr., “The Act and Practice of Love”
Anne Panning and Ned Stuckey-French, “Criminal: A Conversation & Review”
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
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